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"You cannot teach a man anything.  You can only help him find it in himself"                -- Galileo


Are you ready for a supernova life?


What's a supernova life, you ask? It's a life where you've achieved all that you've dreamed. It's when you feel so good and so fulfilled, that you feel like you are shining brighter than the sun. And while that may sound like a fairy tale, it is possible. And we're here to help you to define and create your very own supernova life.

Whether you're interested in money, career, health, personal development, or romance, we will provide customized resources to guide, motivate, and help you set achievable goals. We have some really great tools to help you get the right type of coaching services. Check out the following links:

So you're ready for coaching.  How does it work?  

We'll start by understanding your goals, and developing a plan to get you closer to your dream life. We will work together once per week during a 40-minute telephone session. Telephone coaching is efficient and flexible, because it eliminates the hassle of traveling to and from an appointment. You could even be in a different country or on the beach sipping a Mai Tai, and still have your coaching session. It also makes it easier to be in an open and honest relationship as compared to face-to-face meetings.

Who Is This For: Anyone who is emotionally and mentally ready to take control of their lives and accomplish their goals

What’s in It for You?

  • Freedom from the obstacles in your life
  • Confidence in your inner and outer beauty
  • Renewed sense of energy
  • Discover financial independence
  • Develop your path to that dream job
  • Finding your hidden courage waiting to come out
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