What is Coaching?

A lot of confusion exists today as to what a coach does, and how coaching works. To begin with, let's look at what coaching is not:

  • Coaching is not therapy. Therapists diagnose unhealthy dysfunction and prescribe and/or practice methods of treatment.
  • Coaching is not consulting. Consultants are problem solvers and give specific advice that you are encouraged to follow.

The role of the coach is much different than that of therapist or consultant in the following ways:

  • A coach helps you uncover under-used strengths and abilities.
  • A coach is your peer and partner.
  • A coach acts as your sounding board.
  • A coach brings his or her unique experiences to you, but only as an example, not as an answer.
  • A coach acts as an accountability agent for you.
  • A coach asks penetrating, direct questions to help you clarify your process.
  • A coach provides perceptions, observations and options.
  • A coach acts as a catalyst for your own solutions, decisions and actions.

Now let's look at what a coach does:
  • Finding Solutions. A coach helps you evaluate the pros and cons to find the best solution.
  • Reducing Your Stress Level. A coach can empower you to manage responsibilities, achieve goals, and enjoy life. Learn to feel less overwhelmed, more focused, and energetic.
  • Achieving Balance. A coach can help you to develop and implement a plan to balance all of life’s roles—from parent to spouse to employee.
  • Strengthening Relationships. A coach can be the catalyst to improve communication, deepen connections, and simply enjoy all relationships.

The unique, critical component of the coach/client relationship is that you will have responsibility for supplying the agenda that we work on together. You are in charge. The key to coaching is unlocking your inner potential. Remember, you hold all the answers and are ultimately capable and responsible for your own success.

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