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Supernova (sü-pər-nō-və): The explosion of a star in which the star may reach a maximum intrinsic luminosity one billion times that of the sun.

About Us
Our Company Mission

Supernova Coaching Enterprises was created to fulfill a need that was apparent to the majority of the business community: the acclamation of the new, transferring, re-entering or mature employee into a company or division. It is our mission to help the individual become a valuable contributor to the bottom line of the organization, while being able to realize his or her own personal dreams.

As time went on, the enterprise matured into the business it is today – an innovator in the field of professional coaching. With fun, practical content and approachable, honest guidance, we help make dreams come true for our clients. Whether business or personal, we want your experience with Supernova Coaching to be fun and empowering.

We strive to have every client’s life shine as brightly as a supernova – one billion times brighter than the sun.   So…how brightly do you want to shine?

Our Founder

For more than a decade our President and founder, Rosemary Laack, has been in the trenches of the business world. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small, entrepreneurial start-ups. Her unique business approach to problem resolution, team building and global leadership has been recognized with accolades.

She left the business world to become a professional coach and a motivational speaker. "From the very beginning it has always been my passion to help people achieve joy and balance in their careers and personal lives." Her professional insight into employee fulfillment makes Rosemary a visionary in the business world. She leads our company in the development of coaching programs, and guides her private clients towards their supernova lives.

Our Successes

"Supernova Coaching helped me create a winning resume and equipped me with the knowledge and training necessary to be successful in my new management position. Thanks Supernova!!!”

--A. Herbert
   Los Angeles, CA


“When I spend time with my coach, I feel like I’m spending time with a dear friend.  She helps me move along in terms of accomplishing the important baby steps that help lead me to achieving my goal with humor, grace and sincerity.  I can’t thank her enough.”

-       V. Stewart
Musician & D.J.

“Rosemary is an exceptional coach who is able to successfully merge creativity with strategy.  She is organized with her thoughts and remains focused on results.  She motivates those around her when dealing with obstacles, while implementing big picture objectives.  Rosemary is a hard working coach whose quality of work is an inspiration.”  

-       T. Brooks
Real Estate Agent  

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